Can this software perform deleted email recovery from Outlook 2010?

One of the best tools to manage emails on computer or laptop is MS Outlook. Many times we unintentionally deleted a few of the emails from Outlook PST file. Such kind of deletion can happen under different circumstances such as deletion due to Shift Delete command, deletion from Deleted Items folder, deletion via any third party software, etc. In each of these circumstances Deleted Recovery would allow you to recover email with utmost ease.

Under what circumstances we can make use of this deleted data recovery software for Mac?

Although Mac is treated to be one of the best operating system of present time, deletion related scenarios develop over it as well. Some of the repeated reasons of file deletion on Mac are command delete, deletion from Trash folder, deletion from Terminal window, and different others. As such kind of issues develop over Mac based system a very sorrowful situation develops. If you wish to tackle such depressing situation by making recovery then, just make use of Deleted Recovery software that provides each of the files in exactly same format as it used to be.

How can we recover deleted partition from Windows 8 using this software?

Cases like deletion of partition on Windows 8 usually happen, when we are trying to perform some of the action on Windows 8 Disk Utility. If while making use of this system tool any kind of error like mistaken selection of delete partition or system failure while making use of this tool happen, then each of the files that are saved over this drive get unreachable or inaccessible. If you are in same kind of situation, then just make use of Deleted Recovery software, which easily provides you to restore files in matter of few clicks on the software. This application can be easily implemented on different Windows file system with great ease.

Can this software also be used to perform deleted photo recovery software for Android phone?

Yes, of course this software can also be used to recover photos that are deleted from Android based phones. Deletion of photo can happen upon Android based phones because of various reasons such as deletion while previewing images, deletion while creating free memory space, deletion by any third party software and different others. Each of these deletion scenarios can be easily handled by use of Deleted Recovery software. Deleted Recovery software restores images of various file formats, without any involvement of any complex procedure.

Some of the outstanding features of Deleted Recovery software:

  • Deleted Recovery allows you recover files of different formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, TIFF, 3GP, MOV, MPG, M4V, RM, JPEG, JPG, CRW, SR2,ARW, DOC, etc
  • Allows users to preview the files before actually saving them at the desired location of HDD.
  • This Deleted Recovery software allows easy file recovery because of its great user interface.
  • If needed this software allows users to compress the files before saving them.
  • Deleted Recovery can be used to recovery session that can be later used to minimize the recovery process

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Steps for Deleted File Recovery:-

Step 1: Firstly, download the Deleted Recovery tool on your PC and install it as soon as data deletion happens. Then, launch the software to open its "Home Screen" as illustrated in Fig 1.

Deleted Recovery - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: After, selecting the required logical drive and click on "Next" button, to proceed with data recovery.

Deleted Recovery - Choose Logical Drive

Fig 2: Choose Logical Drive

Step 3: When the scanning gets completed, preview files and save it back to the system HDD.

Deleted Recovery - Preview

Fig 3: Preview